II-Mental Maps

We all hold our own maps where we attach our emotions, dreams, fears and aspirations to the places around us.  We don’t see the world in the same way as Google or Ordnance Survey.  Special places and the landmarks we use to navigate may go totally unmarked on the paper map.  This part of the project offers everyone the chance to put themselves at the centre of the map and define how they see Stroud and the world around them.


Go to schools and get kids to draw their mental maps as part of a geography project

Send leaflets out with ‘blank maps’ out to the public and get them to send in their mental maps

Put a ‘draw your own map’ advert in the paper and ask people to send it back completed – scale or phtography all of these maps and make them available on the website

use a website to have an index of maps – also want a fancy slide showthing that shows off all off the mental maps on a 3 second rotation – could use picasaweb for this

Work between Police/ SDC Community Safety to get people to draw areas where they feel safe and unsafe on a map – then add this to electronic maps

Replicate the acamedic study of mental maps in Los Angeles where they created a 3d perception map of areas where they felt comfotable and not so comfortable

Tie into this idea of measuring happiness – by creating a map where people plot the areas they feel happy and areas they feel unhappy


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