IV-The Event

So at some point when we’ve made progress with other areas of letmapstroud, we need to have a weekend event, that brings together the range of activities to include:

Mapping Parties – collecting more GPS data for Open Street Map

A massive visitor participation exercise that allows people to ‘live’ some of the map experiences, perceptions, etc and having a narritive around them on the ground – my idea here is having RFID tags physically attached to locations, and visitors take headphones and some kind of hand held device that triggers a pre-recorded narrative of an experience or perception relating to a particular space when someone walks past.   In this way we are mapping Stroud through the voices of it’s residents.  Or we might be able to do this using some kind of GPS device that works in a similar way to the RFID, but just triggers when a person enters a certain location.

There’s so many great ideas that could come out of this bit of project – for example visitors could see the ‘world’ from minority perspectives – thereby giving a voice to peoples who aren’t represented by our current maps (or are rarely heard in society).

However out of the whole thing this will be the most expensive and difficult to arrange, and very resource intensive to administer.

Guides taking people down mapped cycle, walking routes

Professional Artists comission to produce works on this theme display their works at the galleries and spaces in town

Performance art on this theme

Publicity through the tourist office and the local press



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